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New Voices (ISSN 2231-3249)

New Voices: Multilingual National Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies

New voices: Multilingual National Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies is fully a peer-reviewed refereed Journal with two main issues published per year, with a wide range of interests and objectives to bring different disciplines together. This juxtaposition of apparently unrelated disciplines will bring about a tangential perspective on the direction of recent studies. It aims at registering the responses of the young and the senior scholars from the multidisciplinary Studies.

New Voices initiates a role in recognizing and promoting excellence both in research and pedagogy. The scope of the Journal is wide, and embraces all work in the field of research. Through this scholarly exchange, New Voices contributes to the development of research and in different areas. The journal places a high premium on readability, discussion of issues, and the inclusion of a wide range of Socio-cultural and theoretical perspectives.