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The mission of the New Voices Publication is to excel in the selection, preparation, and innovative dissemination of works that advance teaching and research and enlighten a diverse audience of readers. It came into existence with an aim to promote research culture and to publish the high quality and scholarly work in a variety of fields, of Sciences & social sciences for a largely academic audience. We intend to contribute genuinely to research and teaching through our publishing books from multidisciplinary fields. Our publishing house takes the refereeing process very seriously to ensure our publications are of the highest academic standard. All book proposals and final manuscripts are peer-reviewed by specialists within the relevant field. We intend to provide top quality paperback and hardback editions at affordable prices. The strength of our imprint derives chiefly from the quality of our publishing.


New Voices Publication also publishes journals Writing Today: International Journal of Studies in English and New Voices: Multilingual Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies that reflect the dedication and devotion to publishing research of the highest quality at national and on international scale. At every step we emphasise quality of service, professionalism and an understanding of the needs of Scholars and learned societies as our publishing partners. We welcome articles on language, literature and culture using various theoretical perspectives. Individual issues are devoted to specific themes, proposed by editors-in-chief and guest editors and designed to attract cutting-edge research from across and between the disciplines that make up Studies in India and beyond. Reviews and perspectives covering topics of current interest are welcome and encouraged. Our commitment is to print high standards of writing, design and production.


New Voices Publication makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all the information (the “Content”) contained in its publications. However, the views expressed by the authors in their books or in research papers are their own. The Editor-in-Chief and the Publisher are not responsible for them.

Managing Editor
Dr. Shaikh Parvez
Aslam Abdullah

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